My mom became a painter. My inspiration!

As long as I remember my mom has always been a creative person. She is a journalist and always had to use creativity to write about lots of topics. Though she never had time for anything but writing, doing business, managing, raising kids (the letter is the most difficult as some people, who know me, would think, and we are times 2 as I have a big brother). So now, when she has time and will to use her creativity for something else, she started painting and I am glad she did as everything she does is very powerful. I will share some of her works (of course, all rights reserved and the authorization for publishing was received). I would be glad if you could give some feedback as my mom needs a push to show her works to the world. Believe me, it took me and my father some time to persuade her to give an authorization for publishing them.

Cabo da Roca, Portugal

Cabo da Roca, Portugal

The “Cabo da Roca” was painted after she visited Portugal for the first time and I think it’s amazing! I can be bias, of course 🙂 I love it and I wanted to share it.

Here are some of here early works:

Painting 0 Painting 1

And here are my favorites:

Painting 4 Painting 3

So today there is a Smile moment together with a Proud moment. I love that my mom always has something to create, to do, to give or to share. She is a true inspiration! She keeps learning and discovering the world!

I love you, mommy!


P.S. Yes, I am to the left! 😉


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