Horse show in #Cascais

I adore horses. I love horses. I respect horses. I ride horses.

Me and Horse

Portugal is a wonderful place to do so and there are lots of places to go for a ride to. I usually go for Douro Valley – an incredible place with vineyards, eucalyptus forests and high hills where you can see the whole valley from. This is my favorite place in the whole Portugal (I am sorry to the other places, I certainly love them all, but Douro is something special for me)!

LusitanoRecently my friends invited me to attend a horse show in Cascais. Such shows are apparently a usual activity here in Portugal. I have to say that Portuguese people adore horses. One of the most famous breed of horses is actually Portuguese – Lusitano. They are very interesting as they are usually born dark and then within 6-10 years they get lighter. They are also very restive and wayward, so if you are a beginner, better look at them from the side! 🙂

I noticed lots of smiles in my post today. Yes, it was really lots of smiles and loughs. I have this weakness for smart people with a good sense of humor – don’t know where it comes from…

The show was amazing, the horses – adorable, my friends – incredible! Amazing hot weekend in Cascais, not far from Lisbon!

But have you ever seen the owl doing this?!?!?! That was a funny moment of the weekend! This owl just saw the dog and as long as the dog was there, the owl was in this fluffy state 🙂

owl owl1


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