Arepas – Colombian lunch

20150719_133620The smile moment is always great! Especially when it’s related to your friends. I am fortunate to have friends all over the world and even here in Portugal – friends from all over the world. So sometimes we get together and share our home food from our countries. I’ve already done several Russian lunches and dinners. So today was the Colombia’s turn to share their food with us. That was really great and really a lot! I am still full and happy! 🙂

I couldn’t resist from posting it right away to my Instagram to share this moment with my Latin American friends, or, maybe just to make them a bit envy 😛

IMG_20150719_144955As I love to discover new things, today was a discovery of a new food that was cooked perfectly, thanks to my friend Tatiana. I’ve already tried arepas before as well as guacamole, but I have never tried that juice and some of the fillings.

Here are some arepas together with chicken, guacamole and a juice that I was not really into in the beginning, but then I grew into it – the tamarind juice (the color is not nice, but it’s refreshing and helps digesting).

The smile was there, the moment was there as well, so I can tell that today’s “smile moment” was very delicious!!!


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