International cake day

Today is the International Cake Day! Hehey! How other than me could have written about this amazing day?!?! I am the ultimate cake lover, even though I am trying to cut on them now for my body to not to shout about my preferences 🙂

So to commemorate this day I decided to go through some best cakes I ever tried (and photographed, of course). They will be from different cities of Russia and Portugal.

1I have to start from one of my favorites – the design was mine. Some of you already know that I love Disney. Well, I have to admit that I love them not only for great movies, but also for a great business model and inspirational founder (sorry, my dear friend, I am still a business woman). However, that was my great great cake for my birthday a few years back.

Mickey made my day and several friends, who showed up and filled the whole restaurant, made it unforgettable!

These beauties were in Russia in one of my hometown restaurants. They are not really cakes, but were so tasty that I had to share them here. I think that the last one looks a bit more healthy than anything else that will appear in this post 🙂

35 4

Coming back to Portugal. This is Lisbon, in the restaurant De Castro Elias, one of my than favorite places. This is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever tried. It was made of pure chocolate with just sugar powder. Simple and delicious.


This funny guy was killed by me and the whole Portuguese family during one of the Christmas celebrations here in Portugal. Our friend made it, who happens to be the owner of a bakery and she, can you imagine that, sells cakes!!! That’s the power of networking! You always get to have something good. Just don’t forget to do something back, like, for instance, write about it 🙂


10And as always, the best is for the end (even though everything in this post was delicious)! As you can see, I didn’t even think of taking a picture before eating it. It came to me only almost in the end, when I was finishing it. It was in my hometown again and it was in the place that was called “Dobry tort” (which means Kind Cake). One of my friend even commented that she couldn’t imagine Angry Cake though. Well, all their cakes were very Kind and kindly helped me and my mom to gain some kilograms, but we didn’t bother working out after such an incredible Kind cake!

I wish you all a great International Cake day! Be KIND to each other and eat cakes sometimes. It makes you feel happy and smile!


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