Paris! Normandy! New discoveries, new smile moments

Was going to work in France, better, – in Normandy for a week and I think I had a huge smile on my face during the whole flight here. It was on Wednesday this week. I was singing Zaz’s “Je veux” inside myself and was extremely excited to discover this part of France where I have never been to.


True? I loved it! Small towns here and there on the different sides of the river Seine, typical houses and chateaux of Normandy decorated with flowers. I had a chance to see more – medieval Abbeys, churches with their mosaic windows and fortresses and ruins of “used-to-be” palaces castles. That is incredible!


20150723_164955  20150725_095905

La Manche proved again my love to the ocean. Have no idea why it is so deep, but it is a true love and one says – “true love lasts forever”!

20150724_152926  20150724_171258

Jean of Arc impressed me again. Her story, her life, her dedication to France, I was happy to visit some of the cities where she had been during her life.


Surely, the views over Seine with it’s low banks and high rocks were impeccable! During the whole trip we were followed by swans, lots of swans. This brought a bit of romance to our journey and made it comfortable and relaxing…


I am travelling quite a bit lately, but I hope I will have time soon to cover some interesting details about those countries and cities I’ve visited… I still have to cover the food I tried, wines I tasted, places I’ve been to, people I’ve met… Oh my God, I have to cover a lot! Hehe, hope to be able to remember everything when I am back home 🙂

Enjoy Normandy with this brief update!


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