Friday in Portugal or a night with Blue Moon

Julia Ormond in the remake of “Sabrina” once saying to Harrison Ford – “Paris is always a good idea!“. This phrase is always with me and whenever I think about it I do smile, as Paris is definitely always a good idea. I have just came back from this city, and, except of some strange people, I have very good memories from there. I like to use this phrase in many other different occasions, for example, on Fridays, because, I am sure you will agree, Friday is always a good idea!

2015-07-17 19.40.08Here in Portugal, where I happen to live, one can do many different things, – you can do sports, go for an exhibition, spend great time with your friends, have a nice dinner with sea food and amazing Portuguese wines (yes, we do have wines in Portugal and they are incredible)… There are lots of bars in Portugal. Usually in big cities such as Lisbon and Porto there are whole streets with different types of bars and clubs where you can dance and have a drink. I live in Porto, so Baixa area is the place for us! Rua das Flores, or Galerias do Paris (yes, Paris is here as well), or Aliados – all places will be full of people having fun and enjoying the time with their friends. If you want to spend some time with your loved one or maybe with your beloved yourself, you can go to the ocean and have a glass of wine with a fresh air and unforgettable view!

I don’t know yet what I am going to do today, but I am sure it will be a great time!

Don’t forget to finish your work and then, yehoo!!!! Friday is always a great idea, so don’t waste it! And at some point at night just look at the sky, it will be Full Moon, or a Blue Moon tonight.


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