Vindimas in Douro Valley. Can’t wait!!!

DouroPortugal is an amazing and diverse country. There is sometimes snow in the North and Center and there is almost never snowing in the South. Portugal is divided into several regions geographically, as well as according to the wine production. There is even the oldest region in the WORLD that was demarcated for the production of Port – Douro Valley. This territory was demarcated in 1756 when the well-known Champagne region was officially formed only in the beginning of the 20th century.

Douro Valley is something special for me. I go there for work, I travel there for pleasure. Riding a horse in the eucalyptus forests and being lost in between the vineyards, – is an unforgettable feeling. I love Portuguese wines and the wine industry itself. I think that people who work with the wine are honest, hard working, very open and kind. You can’t make good wine if you are a bad person, the wine will show that! When I go to Douro, I always have fantastic time with smiling people around me.

20150502_143154A couple of years ago I started the tradition of Vindimas – the wine harvest. Because of my tight schedule I can’t be there for the whole period of Vindimas, but I do my best to be there as long as I can. I already miss this time and am desperately waiting for this year’s harvest. Today I was going through my articles that I wrote about Douro and Vindimas and was surprised that I had quite a few.

Here is the article about Vindimas and my first experience. That was something I will never forget. I wrote it for the Internations‘ community in Portugal, when I was an Ambassador there. I suggest you read this one as this is a full review of the activities you can have in Douro during your stay as well as my learning of the Port production process.

And here is a short version of my trip with a cruise to Douro. There are some nice pictures from the cruise there 🙂

If you are in the North of Portugal, please never miss the opportunity to visit this magic place. I am sure you will fall in love with it from the first sight as I did!


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