The discovery of the day – Museum Escal’ Atlantic. Saint-Nazaire

photo-634904915376959381-2If you are ever, I mean ever, somewhere near Saint-Nazaire, I would highly recommend you go to visit the Escal’ Atlantic Museum. If you are interested in history, in shipyards, ship building, navigation and cruises… If you are generally interested in history of the world, this is the place. This is not quite the usual museum. Don’t be scared away by it’s facade, it’s an incredible sight inside. Go and check the cabins of the 1st and 2nd class passengers that were travelling by Normandie cruise line or by France cruise line. You can go down and visit the working areas of the cruise lines and then upstairs – to visit the captain’s bridge. This is an exciting journey to the mid 19th – late 20th centuries. To say the truth, we were stuck on the “upper deck” of the cruise line with the huge screen that was showing us the icebergs that we were “passing by”, polar bears sitting on them, dolphins and wales. When the “storm started” and became very cold, we had to leave 🙂

At the end we watched the 7-minute video about the end of the cruise line era and its replacement by the commercial airlines. I enjoyed it and I am sure I won’t forget those old video-shots. I am still a business lady and I am extremely interested in how one industry is being substituted by the other one and what the first one can to survive… If you are not that interested in the movie, you can always go for a nice cup of coffee in the bar of one of the liners.

At the end of your visit you will be put in the lifeboat and brought to the exit by it. It makes the big end to the big journey. This was an unexpected trip to the old days to travel across my beloved Atlantic ocean and I am glad I made it!


Unfortunately, it’s forbidden to take pictures inside the museum, so I found these couple of pictures in the Internet.

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