Fake it till you make it. Smile as well

Woke up grumpy. Yes, I am not a morning person. Even though I am seemingly cool, active and energetic in the mornings, actually I feel this way inside:


Yes, this is me in the mornings and I am fine with it, because my energy, smiles and care about people and business usually take me away from it already by lunch.

MeToday I couldn’t manage to do so. I knew I would need to find a smile moment to write about it, but I couldn’t. Sure, I was smiling and I was happy enough to be professional so nobody would notice that I was not actually into smiling. Though I didn’t feel like even searching for the special smile moment. As a psychologist I know that sometimes you should just let it be. I tried, but it didn’t help. Then I forced myself to go through my photos and see those ones, where I remembered I was happy.

It helped. I found one picture that was a bit nostalgic, a bit friendly, beautiful, thoughtful and memorable. This picture was made in one of the museums in Porto by my friend. It shows that even if you are in the darkness, there will always be a window that will show you another side, another life, that will make you feel differently. This window now is in my heart, I look outside and see the life from a different perspective. I don’t remember, what I was thinking on this photo, but I remember it was a great day with an amazing person. So I brought it back to my “today” and it helped me feel better.

I love that we have all this technology, photos, videos etc. and I like to know that it helps me, when I need it. When you are down, try to do something with it, don’t be stuck in this condition. Allow yourself to feel bad and then take it under control.

It was a bit philosophic today… Maybe it was the thunderstorm that came by. I just want to be honest, that I am not always smiling, but I always want to be happy and I do everything for it!


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