Become the best friend of yourself

20150816_191002Today I read an interesting article about love. The author is asking there to imagine that we would never find our true love. If so, what would we do? It made me think a lot. Truly, I dated and was happy with my friends, though I’ve been always trying to find THE ONE. I was not sure, what I wanted from him, but I always wanted HIM to find me and take care of me for the rest of my life and I knew I would take care of him (and I am sure he’d love it… or maybe I watched too many Disney movies).

Since he never appeared, I decided to focus on myself, I started my own business, I got all the projects I could possibly take during a particular period of time, I started doing sports, taking care of my friends and their children (seems like they are luckier than me in this particular area :)). I started reading… It became my hobby and passion – while I am reading, my imagination brings me to another place, I meet new people and discover new worlds. This is incredible!

I started relying more on myself, stopped wining (you can’t complain to yourself much, only maybe a bit). I became the best friend for myself and I am happy to have such a friend. I know that I can help myself, I can rely on me. When I am depressed and I know I don’t want to be in this condition, I’d go running or go through some funny videos or articles, I’d think of some fun activities. I understand myself better than anyone else and I think this is precious.

I have many friends, I am extremely happy and honored to have them. I know though that there is one person who will always be with me and that’s – me. If I am not a friend of myself, it will be hard to live with me… 😉

I think, sometimes we should look in the mirror and see the best friend there, a person who will take care of us whatever happens and give them a SMILE!


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