The value of relaxation. Vacations in Portugal

2015-08-23 18.56.12I always thought that I had to work hard to be successful in life and get what I want. I felt guilty for having a rest, if I had to stop and relax during public holidays or weekends, so I used to find a job for myself during those days. After 7 years of work without vacations with small breaks for weekends, when I was not fully stopping, but reducing the pressure on myself (and I remember how great they were for my future productivity), I finally eloped for 3 wonderful days in the “middle of nowhere”, somewhere between Atlantic Ocean and Spain (still in Portugal though). I turned off my PC and didn’t even touch it. Yes, have to admit I still posted pictures on Instagram and Facebook, but I didn’t even check the feed which was a great achievement for me 😉

2015-08-23 22.09.26

MeeWell, I couldn’t stay in one place, even though I spent a couple of hours near the swimming pool taking a sunbath and swimming to stretch and refresh myself. I went to visit the nearest towns which happen to be very old medieval towns in the North-East of Portugal – Bragança and Mirandela.

I climbed the old stairs of the Medieval walls of the old town of Bragança, visited the Military Museum that is inside old town, where I checked the old weapons and went back in time to visit some Portuguese kings and noble men.

2015-08-23 22.01.44I had lunch in a hidden place right in the center of the city, where the owner spoke Russian just because he liked that language, where he taught my friend to say: “Ne ebi mne mozgi” (which means, – stop pissing me off)… My Russian-speaking friends will understand how funny it was and hopefully forgive my writing this in my blog. It was actually very funny and I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that, because I just couldn’t believe my ears.

I slept in a rural house with the view over the field with Olive trees and mountains, where there was so silent that only the rising sun was indicating the arrival of another day.

Before going there I knew I needed a break, but I didn’t know how hard I needed it. Now, refreshed and ready to move on, I understand the value of the break. I used to be that entrepreneur that didn’t have free time, but now I think that this “free” time should be put in everyone’s agenda as a task. When you have a 2-days-break you will be more productive and creative. Don’t waste the opportunity to be more efficient in your business!


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