I am 18 again…

2015-10-24_23.52.03I have been trying to post this on the day of my birthday – a couple of weeks ago, but then I was busy and actually already thought of skipping this post, but… well, I am back to writing it and I think there is a reason for that.

In Russia we usually don’t ask a woman about her ages after she turns 18, so if she doesn’t want to tell that, she will be 18 years-old each year 🙂 So I am 18 again. I have a nice experience behind and I have the whole life ahead of me. My friends were telling me that I was entering an era of “growing old”, my background in psychology said that I would have a crisis or that it would be difficult for me to go through this time. Well, so far so good! My 10th were cool, my 20th were great and fun, I hope my 30th will be even greater, but with a glimpse of wisdom 😉

Usually people make some sort of list of things they have done to date when they go through a milestone in their lives. I was going through that and I think it’s quite a list… At 17 I moved to Moscow from my small town and entered the University, at 19 I started working, at 21 I graduated and became a teacher in the State University, at 24 I moved to Europe and at 25 I got my MBA degree, then I started my business and have been managing it till today. There were some love affairs, dating, great and some not-so-nice people on my way and I learnt from all of them. It’s important to see what you have already done to move forward.

Each day starts a new life, exciting, entertaining (can’t live without it) and full of great challenges, each year brings me knowledge and experience, each decade brings me new understanding of myself. I am looking forward to everything that this decade will bring me. I always remember that life is precious and I live and enjoy everything that it brings me. Sometimes there are amazing days full of life and incredible people around, sometimes there are dark days and they are also a part of my life. I appreciate all of them. Each of them teaches me something that I will keep and share.


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