To smile or not to smile

SmileI started this blog to share with you the moments that make me smile. Well, there are some, for example, discovering or learning something new, reading a great book (I share my comments through Goodreads, so here you won’t find posts dedicated only to a book), meeting my great friends or incredible people, getting an interesting project and many other events that are happening in my life. However, there are some sad moments in the life as well and not noticing them will be a lie to ourselves. We all have to deal with some issues and we can’t skip it. The only way to keep smiling is to look at our problems from another point of view, to share them or to even laugh at them. That’s how we go through tough times. That’s why I share some stories with you that one could see as a sad and devastating and others will see as an opportunity to challenge ourselves, offer a shoulder to others (or to help) and move on.

We have different types of smiles (some social media platforms know it very well, eh ;)). There are sarcastic smiles, lovely, funny, cheerful and there are kind smiles. I think that during our tough times we need one of those. So here I am offering different type of smiles to you, guys. I am glad to share and I am glad I have people around me who are ready to accept and offer it back.

Keep smiling! It’s a great tool to live happy!


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