The year 2015… will be remembered

It’s not only Paris, guys… It’s the whole world. Beirut, Baghdad, France, Russia, Ukraine… You name it! So why are we still against “different” people?! We are all suffering and also suffer more by adding “enemies” in our target list. Religion, political views, race and so many other small details in other peoples lives drive us away and bring negativity towards them. We are all the same after all. It’s actually pretty simple. If you are buying an ice-cream and you want a vanilla one while your friend wants a chocolate one… You won’t stop talking to him, right? I think we just have to learn to accept the difference. In business we always talk about being different. So why are we not accepting it in real life?
Start small. Start with your family, with your neighbors, with that guy who turned into your lane when you were driving. Start with people who live in your city, country. Maybe then we will be able to accept people in other countries. I am heartbroken when I see the violence towards innocent people. They don’t deserve that, their families don’t deserve to lose them.
We are all the same, we are all made of blood, bones, some water… We all breathe, dream, learn, work, love… So let’s be more patient towards people around us, and maybe we will see something we never noticed. I know there is nothing to smile about here, but I can’t stay away from what’s happening in the world. Maybe if we start being more kind to each other, we continue smiling more and will be doing that more often…
My thoughts are with all the victims who lost their lives and lost their close people around the world. This year will be remembered in history!
Here is the information about different incidents that happened recently:
The original thoughts were published by me on my Facebook page.

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