There is always time to smile

ThanksGivingRecently I was writing about tough subjects that I had to reflect on. There are many difficult events going on in the world and we have to know about them and help others understand, accept and raise our voice against them. However, while I was writing about it, there were people around me who were supporting me and our friends by sending the most amazing letters and pictures of events that are also happening in the world and they are not noticed by media or by so many people.

These events are simple, they don’t attract attention, they are taken for granted, but they do exist and they are precious. People keep fighting for their place in the industry they are working in, they keep creating amazing things that we could never even think of, they love their families and enjoy every moment of their incredible lives.

I know this is poetic, but maybe this is exactly the time for us to reflect on our lives, to start appreciating people around us, to stop taking for granted their love, support and encouragement and at least to say “Thank you!”. Several happiness gurus, lifestyle trainers and coaches are talking about self-reflection, gratitude and appreciation.

I would like to say THANK YOU to all my followers and readers in anticipation of Thanksgiving day. I wish you a wonderful day tomorrow with people you love and enjoy being with.


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