Luis Luz – What makes me smile

Luis LuzOnce I was asked about the kind of things that excite me the most in my professional life. I pointed out three things:

  1. Gaining the preference of our target market, as the result of both our positioning and reliable relationship created with our clients;
  2. Establishing strategies (and tactics) that conduct growing and good lasting results;
  3. Working in a company is lead in a way that all the team members pull in the same direction, no matter how hard it is in terms of the business context.

All the above depend on our response facing several challenges in any business administration and are internally manageable, i.e. controlled within the company’s plans and actions.

However, there is another detail that really makes me smile: is having the opportunity to spread these three aspects into organizations, where the hope is already lost and all the ideas to keep the business shinning are gone. The only thing that is constant is change! As a result of time evolution, of whatever kind of crises that we face, any business model must be adjusted or even radically rethought; and not to mention the company’s culture? But, as we all know, our deep “dive” in our daily concerns frequently requires the necessary creativity and broader vision to move further… So, “the cherry on the top of the cake” is to experience the changes seen on staff’s faces, get energized and be happy as the time goes by and bring them positive results that they thought were lost forever.

Hopefully, our world does not end in ourselves and we can solve practically anything if we act both in anticipation and with an open mind approach. Think about this.

Enjoy our World! Enjoy everything you DO!

Luís Luz


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