Jack Jacoby – The Great CEO

When I started asking these questions, I never thought I would have so many responses from top-managers all over the world! It’s overwhelming to receive them and see different opinions on this seemingly simple issue – positivity and smiles. However, this is a very serious issue as positivity in life is one of the components of success in business. Without enjoying the job you do or business you start, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to succeed.
JackToday I am honored to share the views on this issue from the Master strategist, corporate problem solver, mentor, coach and innovator, the author of several books and articles, chairman in CEO Institute in Australia, – Jack Jacoby.
When I received the answers from Jack, I was surprised, honored, it made me smile and realize that this issue is actually not that simple. So let’s move on and see what Jack thinks about smiling and positive thinking.

Olesya (OL): How long have you been a CEO of your company?

Jack Jacoby (JJ): I have been CEO of my business since 1st February 1997.

OL: What made you chose your industry?

JJ: Life’s experiences and circumstances chose it for me – I had little choice but to follow my destiny.

OL: Please remember the last time you were stuck, unmotivated. What made you move on? What motivated you to get up the next day and do your job to the best of your abilities?

JJ: The belief that I was worthy of achieving what I wanted, but such achievement would not happen without my effort and focus. The desire to avoid having regrets about not trying was a major stimulus. There is always plenty of time to do nothing – when you’re dead.

OL: What actually makes you smile? It doesn’t have to be business only… You just remember what was that made you feel great and made you smile last time.

JJ: The thing that really moves me and makes me smile is seeing one person’s kindness and compassion to another.

OL: How do you relax? Or do you relax at all?

JJ: I don’t really relax – I just move from one type of activity to another, one that uses one type of skill or attribute to another that uses other parts of me. In that way, I rest the tired bits of me by using other bits. Rarely are all bits tired.

OL: What do you do during your weekend?

JJ: Weekends are spent juggling work, family, friends and other activities. I spend a lot of time with my grown up children and my grandchildren.

OL: Do you have any hobbies? If yes, which ones?

JJ: My hobby is writing – articles, books, blogs on any topic that ignites my imagination or strokes my passion.

OL: What would you suggest to the CEOs on balancing their professional and personal lives?

JJ: Every person is different so it’s hard to provide a universal ‘rule’. Rather, it’s important for people to reflect on their lives to identify what’s important and what’s not. Different things take on greater importance at different times. Bottom line I suppose is that if it’s important to you now, then you must find time for it somehow – otherwise, that which is important, may be lost to you forever – and that is the cause of much sadness and regret.
Huge thanks to Jack Jacoby for sharing with me the ideas on work, rest, and self-reflection.
After writing the post I usually send it back for approval. When we started chatting with Jack about the interview, we went on to discuss different topics and finished on the learning process. Then Jack sent me something that I thought of sharing right away and here it is:
“Life is a journey and learning is the wind that blows in our sails that enable us to move forward. Without learning, our journey is finished; but with learning, a new world and its opportunities open up to us every day. Just imagine how much learning we can gain from every storm when the wind is strongest?”
It made me smile and think of every storm I’d been to and how much I learned by going through it…
Keep up with our invited guests and we will share with you more insights on life-work balance and… smiles.

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