Small cultural details. Flowers

P_20170526_113055_BF_1 (2)I have been caring this topic in my mind for several years and didn’t know how to approach it. Our latest trip to Russia together with my Portuguese business partner made me finally get to my blog and write.
Flowers!!! Russian girls love them. We have a tradition of receiving flowers. Holidays, dates, arrival from a trip, birth of a child, – these are the reasons to receive flowers for us. I miss this tradition in Portugal. Somehow, it didn’t reach this country yet. Probably, it’s walking there so it will take some time to arrive. Men are romantic and sweet, carrying and nice, but flowers… That’s difficult. My Russian girlfriends understand me and share my feelings about this topic. Portuguese girls support me and also want flowers, but think that it’s impossible to make Portuguese guys bring them. Let’s prove them wrong! 🙂
This post is for the Portuguese guys. We do love flowers, guys. This love doesn’t depend on nationality or religion. We like to be surprised and know that you were thinking of us when we were away; that you like to see us smiling and shining. Believe me, you will have a very nice steak or even “bacalhão” if you make an effort and pass by a supermarket to buy some flowers for your lovely lady.
Let’s break the routine and give flowers to the women at least once a month. You will see the sparkle in their eyes and I am sure you will love it! Don’t forget about “beijocas” as well 🙂

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