Happy birthday, my friend!

Merle1My dear friend, you know I love you very much! I feel so comfortable with you. Your family became my escape place, where I would feel free and accepted, whatever I would do or however I would feel.
You are an example for me of a calm, patient and reasonable person.
Your family became an example of care and kindness. I am always happy to share a dinner or have our usual “Saturday date” with you and sushi 🙂
I am so happy I have met you in my life. When the times are tough, I remember that I have you and your support. This helps me go through these times and keep my conscious clear.
Today is your day. You became one year wiser, but I am not there to share this day with you. You know I wanted to be with you, but the circumstances decided otherwise. Well, I am with you anyways. People say that love doesn’t survive the distance, but you know that friendship does! I love you a lot and I am there for you. I wish you to have an amazing day with your family and friends. I am sure Miguel will take care of the cake 🙂
I wish you health, love, care, beautiful and healthy child and a caring and loving boyfriend next to you. You already have all of this, but I would like it to continue and grow.
I am coming back very soon, but now… Happy birthday, my dear! You are wonderful! Thank you for being in my life!

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