Right, left or straight?

P_20170602_161313 (2).jpgWhat to do when nothing goes right, left is closed for renovation and the straight way looks suspicious?
Sure, you don’t want to go back… This would be a shame, a downfall or a simple misunderstanding that you would never forget. The only option that is left is to stay at your place and watch… Well, not only watch, but also do, try, read, write, cry, scream (maybe not that one, but, then again, why not?), laugh, run, exercise (there are lots of fitness gurus on Youtube or Instagram, now I know).
I am sure it happens to everyone. Nowadays, it’s neither fun nor a good image-building strategy to write about stuff like that. Some people mention troubles as a mild illness when they don’t want to do anything and suggest their followers not to do anything as well – “take time for yourself and reflect”. Some people promote fitness as a good stress relief method, some people go for healthy food and diets, a bit of chocolate to not to kill yourself on the way.
Sorry, people, but this doesn’t work for everyone. If you manage to persuade your depression to go out and smoke while you take care of your troubles, tons of reports that were due yesterday, love-life problems or, what’s even worse, – existential ideas, – you are already doing great!
I agree with some of these gurus – you have to do something. Whether you remember your cooking lessons that you took in a 3rd grade, knitting, well, sure, exercising will help if you can drag yourself from the computer or, which is worse, from your bed, and go out (don’t forget to look out and check if, by any chance, the “one-in-100-years” storm hasn’t decided to pass by your area), cleaning helps as it brings you an idea of cleaning out all the problems.
I write… I know it’s not a good thing to say as I am sure I will scare many of my readers, but when I start writing every day… Well, there is something going on in my life. But then again, I write for myself and then I enjoy several months of not writing as my muse leaves me together with all the problems and comes back together with them. Writing while happy doesn’t count, here my muse happily returns to support my exciting and sometimes poetic experiments. Not sure I love her for that!
So the first suggestion for doing something would be – DO SOMETHING. Simple, right. Well, not that much! Whatever it is, but don’t sit down and swallow all the problems, tears and existential thoughts that you might develop during this time.
Second – sleep. I know it’s difficult as during these time the best way of using your pillow is to cry on it. Forget it! The pillow is a nice friend that will absorb all your tears and then… SLEEP. Arianna Huffington became a guru of sleeping, listen to her. Believe me, there also many youtube videos with her inspirational talks about the value of sleep. I would suggest this one as it is quite an entertaining video that is short enough to not to make you too sleepy. Apparently, Arianna had to fall, kill her chin and get some stitches on her forehead to understand the value of sleep. Please don’t go that far. I am not sure all of us could afford a nice facial surgery as Arianna managed to have.
Third – kick yourself out of this whining state. Talk to your friends (yes, they are out there, even though you don’t believe that now), talk to your mentors (I am happy to have one), watch some TED talks (love it, can’t skip suggesting it), work, write, remember your hobbies.
This is just our state of mind. I always do my best to be as conscious as possible during good or bad moments. Yes, good moments work as well. Both bad and good states are extremes that happen to us. We can’t avoid it, but we can try to control our reaction to that. If we allow ourself to be extremely happy during good moments and give yourself time to grieve, then you can also tell yourself at one point: “ok, me, I am tired of being tired (being sick, crying, winning – you chose), I am out of this place!”.

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