Book review: To an unknown lady. André Maurois

Maurois.pngThis was my first book of André Maurois and I am sure now – not the last one. Easy to read though with heavy philosophy, giving out many ideas and making me think of life, love, relationships, friendships, lifestyle and many other subjects.

Like Anton Chekhov in his short stories, André Maurois doesn’t take more than 2 pages to cover one subject and he does it so well with so little words but goes so deep inside the issue that you want to learn by heart every sentence.

My University professor always told us to search for “metainformation” in the books – the information that provides us links to the other sources of information that will bring more to our studies and to our skills. This book is one huge source of metainformation. This book is the one to keep and come back to once in a while in search of wisdom, advice, and clarity.

André Maurois writes that we have to buy books which we want to spend the whole life with. I am happy that I found this book (or maybe this book found me?) because it will stay with me to help me during my life. I am sure I will come back to read these letters again and again.


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