Book review: Airport. Arthur Hailey

62221410400 pages of the aerophobic’s nightmare. It’s already night, but I can’t put this book down. I have more than 200 pages left, but I know I won’t be sleeping tonight. It’s already not a secret that I used to have a flight phobia, but now I am better. So to ready about a bomb in the airplane, about the laws of the 1960s when people could enter the airplane to say “Good bye” to their loved ones, about the exhaustion of the employees, – this is a challenge.

Strangely, I find myself in a quite comfortable position. I am not afraid, I don’t feel the approach of the panic attack. There is just the night, me and the book. Even though I feel the heat from our summer night, still, I am there, I am in that night of late 1960s, I am in the airplane with people suffering after the bomb explosion and praying for a safe landing, I am standing next to the Mr. Bakersfeld defending his views and conquering the attention of the public, I am sitting next to Mr. Patroni trying to get airplane of the Mexican airlines out from the runway… And I am sweating, sweating, sweating…

Then I find myself dreaming together with Arthur Hailey about the future of aviation, about the future itself. What will there be? What is waiting for us? I stop breathing at times because the plot is so intense that I can’t wait till the next page.

I can consider going through these 600 pages in 5 days as a personal record, but I didn’t just swallow the story, I’ve been there and that’s the best showcase of Mr. Hailey’s talent to keep capture your attention and never let it go.

After the Hotel, I thought that I would go for the whole line of Hailey’s stories and I was right to do so. Arthur Hailey shows the real life of the institutions I, as a traveler, always use in such a way that you find another level of respect to those people each time you turn the page.



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