EU renews Russia sanctions

10440228_10204034208555773_2288309362274890101_n (2)Working with international business for several years. During this time I have been telling people and explaining what actually happened in Russia and how the sanctions were introduced. Even in Russia, many people think that food sanctions were introduced by the EU, US or other countries against Russia, but here I would like to stress that there were sanctions against Russia introduced by the EU, USA, Canada and Australia and there was a food embargo introduced as contra-sanctions by Russia itself.

I just want to explain to the exporters from all over the world. You can’t import products to Russia (some of them, not all), because Russia doesn’t allow it.

Moreover, it’s not the products that are under embargo, it’s HS codes (or customs codes). If you are producing canned fish, check carefully, it can happen that you are still allowed to supply this product to Russia and you don’t have to worry much.

There are international consultants or customs brokers that can help you with this issue.

My suggestion is to never assume, but study the issue and make a decision based on facts not on assumptions.

Working as an international business consultant brought me to many potential clients or current clients who “know” lots of stories, assumptions, myths or rumors which scare them off. I understand that, however, I always thought that the first rule of business is to check the facts and then act. This is my advice to the companies who want to expand – check the facts and then make your decision. Never act upon rumors. We live in the 21st century with accessible information, knowledge, contacts and everything you need to make a weighted decision. Normally, these tools are useful!

Source: EU renews Russia sanctions


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