The power within us


Sometimes I think of writing a novel, no, seriously, the long one that people will read and analyze, recommend to their friends and families telling how much it made them think. Yes, it happens to me sometimes.
Well, though I love to write, I think that my longest novel will be a story of my life, full of events, adventures, surprises, and movement. My friends tell me to start writing it now because there is always something happening with me. True, but I am not sure everything will go through censure. Though after the 50 shades of Grey, I doubt we have it…
Sure I do lots of things. Business, tennis, horse back riding, reading, lots of walking and lots of eating and drinking. I love sports, but eating is a thing I can’t stop doing. I am happy I exercise, otherwise, I would already be huge… Living in Portugal and eating healthy – that’s a challenge. Last year I went on a diet and lost 8 kg, but it was soooo difficult that now I am trying to eat healthy and balanced. Sure exercise helps. Maybe one day I will share my way of eating, but I have to organize it first.
If we want something hard enough, we’ll do it. Even me, who can’t starve, made the diet happen for 6 months… That was a record, but I just wanted hard enough to lost the extra something that I was caring around. This is a work in progress, but the first steps were already made and I love the result.
If we want it, we will show up, we will push, we’ll put words in order on the paper or a Word file (with some variations on the means of writing). If not, then we get creative. I was very impressed with the level of creativity when it comes to making excuses. My fellow psychologists would be astonished, I guess…
Simply put, we have the power. We have the power to do everything we want to (as long as it’s legal). We just have to want it. I know what I want, I know that the results will follow. So let’s want it, people, everything else will follow! As a business person would say – make a business plan and go for it! My inner psychologist will suggest to analyze your childhood and understand why you have certain pattern and then eliminate them. My tennis player will tell you: “Hell, you’ve been practicing so much, just go on court and rock it!”

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