About Olesya


Hi there,
I am Olesya. Originally Russian, living in Portugal. With the background in psychology and MBA in general management, my interests are very diverse. I consult companies on internationalization process helping them expand beyond frontiers of their country, refocus their international strategy, make marketing strategy clear and concise, find the best partner abroad that will suit their business.
Besides, I play tennis, ride horses, love traveling, crazy foodie and a wine lover. I read, write, photograph and learn something every day.
As you can imagine, I am always in search of new ideas, strategies, breakthrough ways to do business and live a healthy life (healthy being fun). I travel a lot, study cultural differences, business ideas, learn from the best international minds – managers and psychologists.
Curiosity – this is the word that makes me wake up in the morning and work, learn, do sports, take care of myself and my family, eat healthy (can’t afford to be ill, though sometimes happens), read, write, share…
Here I would like to share what I’ve learned about other countries, other people, other businesses, different people. How they live, work, study, lead their businesses and lives, smile and share their experiences with others.
Will be glad to read your comments, opinions, see shares.
Enjoy! Beijinhos! Boa sorte! Удачи! Have fun!
Let’s go?!

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